A Handy Potluck Signup Sheet or Gift Registry

5 plates of brownies and no diet soda?

Afraid of a haphazard potluck party? Let everyone see what everyone else is bringing and avoid duplication.

Or maybe you'd like to put out a request for certain items?

Now, for the cost of a flavorless sheet cake from the supermarket, you can have an online signup form that is updated in real time to help streamline your party planning, and encourage your guests to bring the good stuff right from their own kitchens.

Here's how easy it is:
1. You define food categories
2. Your guests come online and sign up for an item

WhosBringingWhat is perfect for picnics, family reunions, office parties, church potlucks, holiday cookie exchanges, and refreshment duty for meetings. You can download the list of items and names so you can generate food labels and name tags. The guests get a reminder email, and can view a map to the event. In fact, you could use this as an online invitation.

Think gifts instead of food, and it's also perfect for baby/wedding/puppy showers, bar/bas mitzvahs, weddings, and even as a way for grandparents to coordinate holiday gifts for children. Enter in a wish list, just like a bridal registry at a department store, but without the commitment to any one store. When it's over, you can easily save the list as a reminder for sending thank you notes.

Try the Demo to see how easy it is. Once at the demo page, use the red Admin demo link to see how flexible the setup is. Changes you make will stay for a short time so you can test it out. Except for the automatic emails, the Demo is fully functional.

Try Demo

All of this for only $19.95, with instant access to your signup form. You choose the code for your event, and the URL is simply http://whosbringingwhat.com/your-event-code. (example: http://whosbringingwhat.com/wilsonpicnic)
  • No ads! No popups!
  • Straightforward and easy for both guests and host.
    Guests can:
  • Know what to bring to 'fill in holes'
  • Avoid duplication
  • View a map of the location
  • Include details about their dish or gift
  • Read a short summary of the event
  • See what yummy delights to look forward to
  • Come back later to edit their entry
  • Bring a suggested item if unsure
  • Get an email reminder shortly before the event
    In addition, Host can:
  • Define the categories
  • Enter and update all text on the page
  • Download the list, for labels, etc.
    Sign Up NOW
  • and your guests can start using your form today.
  • One Time Use, $19.95
  • Please email us using the contact form if you'd like to reuse your URL for another event