A Handy Potluck Signup Sheet or Gift Registry

Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I download the list of items and names?
  • Absolutely! You can download this list as a tab-delimited text file, and import it into any database, spreadsheet, or word processor to generate a check-off list, or to design labels or tent tags for the items.
    What does the reminder email say?
  • It includes the event details, and the item the person signed up for. The administrator can also include their own message.
    Will anyone be able to access the signup form?
  • Unless you put a link to the form on a public website, it will only be known to the people you announce it to.

    However, if you do put the link on your website, and you get a lot of casual traffic, you may choose to use password protection so strangers will not be toying with the form or crashing your party. In addition, if the form is used as a gift registry, you may wish to hide the list from the guest of honor. Please email us directly for (free) password protection.
  • No ads! No popups!
  • Straightforward and easy for both guests and host.
    Guests can:
  • Know what to bring to 'fill in holes'
  • Avoid duplication
  • View a map of the location
  • Include details about their dish or gift
  • Read a short summary of the event
  • See what yummy delights to look forward to
  • Come back later to edit their entry
  • Bring a suggested item if unsure
  • Get an email reminder shortly before the event
    In addition, Host can:
  • Define the categories
  • Enter and update all text on the page
  • Download the list, for labels, etc.
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  • Please email us using the contact form if you'd like to reuse your URL for another event