A Handy Potluck Signup Sheet or Gift Registry


    One Time Use
  • For a very low cost, you can take the guesswork out of your menu or gift planning and focus on more important details of your event. $19.95
    Repeating Events
  • One form, used continuously. This is great for monthly or weekly dinners, or organizations that regularly hold potluck-type events throughout the year. The same form is used over and over, with customization between events. (If your events overlap, you will need to pay for two different forms; contact us for special pricing.) $199 per year.
  • No ads! No popups!
  • Straightforward and easy for both guests and host.
    Guests can:
  • Know what to bring to 'fill in holes'
  • Avoid duplication
  • View a map of the location
  • Include details about their dish or gift
  • Read a short summary of the event
  • See what yummy delights to look forward to
  • Come back later to edit their entry
  • Bring a suggested item if unsure
  • Get an email reminder shortly before the event
    In addition, Host can:
  • Define the categories
  • Enter and update all text on the page
  • Download the list, for labels, etc.
    Sign Up NOW
  • and your guests can start using your form today.
  • One Time Use, $19.95
  • Please email us using the contact form if you'd like to reuse your URL for another event